1. I feel great today!

    Well not so much, I’m all dizzy and sore but that’s what’s great!
    I feel like I’m actually doing something, I didn’t give in to eat cake or any of the things in the house, she keeps tempting me but I refuse, I can’t fail today knowing what’s expecting for me tomorrow.
    Oh and I have tons of blisters in my mouth /:


  2. I have a tug on my left butt cheek…

    Not pretty, may not be able to work out tomorrow :(


  3. I love how thin and light I feel after working out, it’s such an amazing feeling!

    Too bad it doesn’t last /:

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  4. I hate working on my abs /:

    But ok gotta do it


  5. I really really REALLY don’t want to work out today, I REALLY REALLY DON’T

    But I’ve had like 604 calories and I’m being forced to eat some cake later tonight so I have to do it if I want to maintain the calorie limit of 450 /:
    I’m just so tired tho


  6. I better start seeing results with this killing work out I’ve been doing or I’m flipping shit

    1 hour of hot power yoga and Pilates plus 20-30 minutes of cardio gotta do something right?

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  7. My mom left early for her psychologist appointment which means I get to work out a lot more without her suspecting anything

    So I better get to it (: