1. SGD, day 1 (again), calorie limit-400. I binged again :( but yeah didn’t do that bad after working out and stuff….


  2. Made a plan and need to stick to it:

    So for breakfast I’m having 3 Oreo (129) cuz I need to get rid of them, and then nothing till I get home (an apple probably), finally dinner and work out like a maniac as always and that’ll be it.
    I’ll do it until the Oreos are gone and I can only have dinner…


  3. Re-starting the skinny girl diet cuz I’ve fucked up sooooooo much lately and I’m on day 28 lol

    So yeah wish me luck

  4. SGD, day 27, calorie limit - 600. I swear I thought I had a LOT more!
    I feel so fat and bloated and gross and disgusting and big and huge and bleh


  5. I feel like I’ve had a thousand calories but it’s only 422….

    Oh yay

  6. SGD, day 26, calorie limit - 500. I ALWAYS binge on Thursdays, always :/
    Well at least I kept a 3 digit net


  7. I really really REALLY don’t want to work out today, I REALLY REALLY DON’T

    But I’ve had like 604 calories and I’m being forced to eat some cake later tonight so I have to do it if I want to maintain the calorie limit of 450 /:
    I’m just so tired tho

  8. SGD- day 22, calorie limit- 400. Went over by a bit so I don’t really feel it, I still feel and look bloated tho :(…
    I’m dying, don’t do cardio, hot power yoga and Pilates with only 863 calories in your system… Not pretty

  9. SGD, day 19, calorie limit - 500, omfg I ate so freaking much and still made it right I’m freaking out.
    I could’ve had a LOT less but I’ve been so stressed out lately that I’m eating everything that crosses my way :(

  10. SGD, day 18, calorie limit 450, I feel so fat and bloated and went over the limit by 100 but I still did good after a hardcore workout