1. SGD, day 17, calorie limit-400, OUCH I’m going to die ok, second day in a row that I go over the limit /:
    What’s wrong with me? Fuck
    I’m prolly fasting on Friday if everything goes well


  2. I’ve been pigging out all day

    Ugh fuck me :/
    Gonna work out now yay

  3. SGD, day 16, calorie limit- 300. Went over it THREE FUCKING TIMES. THREE!
    I’m so disgusting. Can’t even look at myself.
    Fat cunt - she says


  4. I’m nervous and frustrated and stressed and depressed and ahdjdjjsudbvbhj and I ate like a bunch of cookies and went so over my calorie limit before dinner and asjdjjfj I’m dying :c

    Just kill me now~

  5. SGD- day 15, calorie limit- 400.
    It could’ve been less if I didn’t have that muffin nor…. anything actually but my best friend made me eat ‘em cuz we were both depressed so yeah
    I was good still

  6. SGD, day 14. Calorie limit= 700
    I really went hardcore on those Crepes
    :( but ok I still didn’t go over the limit.
    I feel so bloated tho…
    Oh! But my jeans are lose again and I’m so happy about it, I think I might be back at 105ish but I’m not so sure, don’t wanna get my hopes up lol

  7. SGD, day 13- calorie limit, 650. Yup I did very good today, should’ve not binged on that sushi roll but I still kept it.

  8. Wow just wow


  9. SGD, day 12. calorie limit- 450. all i’ve eaten today is a mocha frappe from starbucks and puff patry sticks…. my stomach is killing me again

    oh and i walked for like 2 hours or more so i burned most of it

    so i guess i’m good.

  10. SGD, day 11- calorie limit 500. I went over TWICE the limit. TWICE.
    And couldn’t work out cuz I’m “studying”
    Ahhh fuck it :c