1. Gotta purge quietly now cuz I’ve ate like two turn overs and who knows what else and there’s no fucking way I’m keeping that down

    I’m so tired of this


  2. Nothing better than 3 musketeers chocolate dipped in nutella


  3. And so it begins…

    I start the day thinking “this is a new day,you’re gonna do well, won’t binge and be normal” and here I am, 972 calories later, bloated, feeling fat, huge and disgusting, regretting every single thing I ate today.
    Fuck I’m just done.


  4. Just fucking binged

    ctehurfgre I hate myself

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  5. So to avoid bingeing

    I ate papaya, I hate it, it’s so gross!
    It’s taste made me not want any food anymore and it’s healthy so…. Yay me

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  6. I want to binge so hard vathfhb

    I can’t tho
    I won’t

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  7. i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve purged today.

    i’m so ashamed…

    my throat is burning, my stomach hurts, i’m dizzy, feel weak, my legs feel like they’re gonna break any minute and yet i still want to do it cuz i didn’t get everything out


  8. Great fatass,

    Binge on fucking cake.

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  9. Fucking bingeing

    Sdgkguijgsadd kill me.
    I don’t even like cheesecake


  10. Is it weird that I actually want to binge but I’m not hungry so I just don’t do it cuz I know I’ll feel bad afterwards?

    It’s so weird.
    Oh and I’m chewing gum like cray so I won’t give in

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